Blankenship Group Inc


Our services

  Family owned and operated, we specialize in site work for commercial, government, and military projects. We have a sister company, Veteran Branding LLC, which is a full up print/sign company. 

  We have experience and confidence in Government contracting. Our team consists mostly retires, reservist, and veterans. This gives an advantage of having personnel that understand the protocol of the government sector and are a pleasure to work with. 

  BGI travels across the nation to facilitate work on all Federal projects. We are light, fast, and nimble. BGI provides a fast response and completion of its projects. 

Divisions of Work

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Division 10

Division 31

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Division 33

Veteran Branding LLC

3766 US Hwy 17

Unit 103-104

Richmond Hill, GA 31314

(912) 414-9270