Blankenship Group Inc


This is a partial list of the projects we have been involved with in the past and current.  


4th Brigade Complex - Fort Stewart, GA

2nd Brigade Buildings - Fort Stewart, GA

Pass and ID Building - Fort Stewart, GA

92nd Engineer COF - Fort Stewart, GA

Paint Booth Facility - Fort Stewart, GA

GGTC Warehouse - Fort Stewart, GA

Vehicle Maintenance Facility (Medical) - Fort Stewart, GA

SSA Warehouse - Fort Stewart, GA

MI COF and Barracks - Hunter Army Airfield, GA

Landfill Capping - Hunter Army Airfield, GA

Building 1228 - Hunter Army Airfield, GA

Army Aviation Brigade Hangar - Hunter Army Airfield, GA

Engine Test Facility - Hunter Army Airfield, GA

Modular Firing Range 125th FW - Florida Air National Guard, FL

DLA Warehouse - NAS Jacksonville, FL

325th FW - Tyndall AFB, FL

Medical Warehouse/Ops - Tyndall AFB, FL

DES Fire Station - Fort Jackson, SC

Building 2300 - Fort Jackson, SC

Runway Repave - MCAS, SC

Hwy 278 Repave - Hilton Head, SC

Recycle Center - Fort Gordon, GA

Building 29706 - Fort Gordon, GA

Fire Station - Fort Gordon, GA

19th Street Crosswalk - Fort Gordon, GA

Dental Lab and TF - Fort Gordon, GA

TMC Connelly - Fort Gordon, GA

Launderette - Fort Gordon, GA

Vincent Hall TF - Fort Gordon, GA

5 Story Training Barracks - Fort Gordon, GA

Veterinarian Hospital/Clinic - Fort Gordon, GA

MRI Facility DDEMC - Fort Gordon, GA

Air Force Administration Buildings - Fort Gordon, GA

Emergency Department DDEMC - Fort Gordon, GA

Intersection N Range Rd and Ave of States - Fort Gordon, GA

Building 20131-B - Warner Robins AFB, GA

Building 301 CRTC - Savannah, GA

Phase 5 Truman Pkwy - Savannah, GA

Litchfield Mitigation Site - Savannah, GA

Fencing Additions - Fort Pulaski Savannah, GA

ZEP Chemicals Warehouse - Emerson, GA

Helicopter Group HQ B347 - FE Warren AFB, WY

TEC Dormitory Expansion, McGhee Tyson AFB, TN

Drainage Improvements - Kennedy Space Center, FL 

B7242 and B7608 - Fort Riley, KS

B707 Renovations - Fort Belvoir, VA

Medical Museum - Silver Springs, MD